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About Paul Hartman

Paul’s Motivation: Providing Hope


Paul Hartman LMFT, CSAT has more than 25 years of experience leading group therapy workshops for couples and individuals who are struggling with sexual addiction or chronic infidelity. He has trained with the most prominent addiction therapists and researchers in the nation, including Robert Weiss, Patrick Carnes, Pia Mellody, and Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse. He works exclusively in the group intensive model. His treatment methods build on the 12-step self-help model, the prodependence model, and the latest research on relationships and addiction.

Paul earned his M.S. at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he attended both the School of Theology and the School of Psychology. He no longer sees clients in private practice, preferring to work exclusively in the group intensive model through his affiliation with Seeking Integrity Treatment Centers. Through Seeking Integrity, he offers monthly workshops for couples healing from betrayal, and serves as a consulting therapist for the men’s residential treatment program.

Paul is deeply motivated by personal and professional experience to help individuals and couples recover from sex, porn, and paired substance/sex addiction using the latest and most proven techniques. He works in a “concentrated” fashion, distilling the most important facets of therapy he’s learned into weekend workshops and brief educational and counseling sessions, giving clients the most impact in the shortest time.

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Most of Seeking Integrity’s residential treatment and weekend workshop participants are referred by their hometown therapist. We thank you for entrusting your clients to our care for short-term work. Part of the service we provide is to stay in close contact with you about how your clients are progressing, and what we recommend for aftercare. We view you as the long-term therapist. Our job is to help springboard your clients toward more effective recovery and healing. 

Therapists or therapy practices looking to take on new methods of therapy or learn about our therapy strategy can benefit from our consulting. We have a passion for spreading the word about the successes we’ve realized in the realms of addiction counseling and couples counseling, and we commit ourselves to making interactions with us a rewarding experience for all types of practitioners.


Healing from Relationship Betrayal

Paul Hartman and Seeking Integrity host three-day weekend workshops for couples healing from sexual betrayal. For couples wishing they could start again, a Couples Workshop can provide a map for navigating rough seas.

  • Space is limited to four couples per session.
  • These workshops take place monthly.
  • Call us at 747.234.4325 for information, pricing, and availability.

Sex and Porn Addiction

Seeking Integrity offers sex and porn addiction treatment for men whose sexual lives have spiraled out of control. Our basic program lasts two weeks, extendable for an additional seven or fourteen days depending on client needs.

  • Are you obsessively preoccupied with sex?
  • Have you tried and failed to cut back or quit your involvement with porn, hookup apps, strip clubs, prostitution, affairs, and similar behaviors?
  • Are you experiencing negative consequences related to your out-of-control sex life?

Paired Substance/Sex Addiction (aka, Chemsex Addiction)

Seeking Integrity offers treatment for men whose paired use of substances and sex has spiraled out of control. Our basic program lasts two weeks, extendable for an additional seven or fourteen days depending on client needs.

  • Are compulsive drug use and sexual behavior creating problems in your life?
  • Do you need to be drunk or high to engage in sexual behavior?
  • Does your drug and sex life put you in places that scare you, endanger your health, or violate your personal moral code?

If one or more of these issues sounds like you or someone you know, Seeking Integrity can help. Click here or call Seeking Integrity at 747-234-4325 to learn about our residential treatment programming and our weekend workshops.

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