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Addiction & Sex Addiction

With addiction, our whole lives, including our relationships, suffers.

The Connection Between Sex and Drug Addiction

A hallmark of compulsive sexual behavior is the continued engagement in the activity despite all of the the negative consequences it delivers–often the the same experience that accompanies substance use disorders. In fact, strong links exist between sex addiction and other addictive behaviors such as substance abuse and addiction.

Like other disorders, compulsive sexual behaviors vary in degree of severity and type, which occasionally may result in a person not seeking professional help for these compulsions, though they are often times revealed during the course of treatment for depression or other conditions. Psychologically, sexual behaviors serve as an escape from emotional or physical pain, or as a method for coping with daily stress of life. Unfortunately, like drugs and alcohol, using these behaviors as a coping mechanism creates an ever-growing cycle of additional problems, increased desperation, shame and preoccupation.

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