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About Intensives

Intensive Care provides a safe, confidential setting.

Intensives are not group therapy. They differ from groups in that the work is done one-on-one with the individual or one therapist couple with one client couple. Intensives allow us to immediately focus on any specific variables involved in an individual’s healing from addiction.

We call this program Intensive Care for the Individual or Intensive Care for the Couple. Some clients have tried everything including individual therapy, group therapy, residential treatment, 12-Step meetings and still fall short of their goals for change, growth, and healing. This one-on-one format often helps them finally breakthrough. For couples, this model provides a last chance to achieve intimacy, joy, and fulfillment in the relationship or move on.

When anonymity is essential, Intensive Care provides a safe, confidential setting for high profile individuals and couples. Entertainers, politicians, sports figures, and public figures from the business world have found this model especially helpful.

Intensive Care typically lasts for three to four days. The program is one-on-one and is entirely customized for the client (individual or couple). With the client’s permission, we work closely with the primary therapist to develop a program to most powerfully provide successful outcomes. Program dates are flexible and can be scheduled at a time that works for the therapist and the client.

For those who have not achieved their therapy goals, who may be feeling hopeless, but are not quite ready to give-up, our intensive, participant-focused and tailored therapy allows for the most powerful results in the least amount of time. The results of full-time inpatient and multi-week programs can sometimes be realized with our intensive programs usually lasting a single weekend.

Please Contact Paul Hartman for more information and details about Intensive workshop locations.

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