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Sex and Porn Addiction Treatment

Seeking Integrity Can Help You

Seeking Integrity offers specialized treatment for men who struggle with sex and porn addiction. Our basic program lasts two weeks, extendable to three or four weeks depending on client needs.

  • Are you obsessively preoccupied with sex/porn?
  • Have you tried and failed to cut back or quit your involvement with porn, hookup apps, strip clubs, prostitution, affairs, and similar behaviors?
  • Are you experiencing negative consequences related to your out-of-control sex life?

If you think you or a loved one may be struggling with sex or porn addiction, we suggest you take this anonymous 25-question sex and porn addiction screening test.

Sex and porn addiction are a puzzle that no one solves without support, direction, and accountability. So please, if you are struggling with one or both of these issues, let Seeking Integrity help you. For information about residential treatment and weekend workshops, you can contact us via email or you can phone us at  (747) 234-HEAL (4325).

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